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Going through a stillborn pregnancy is something no one wants or should have to go through; however, due to unfortunate events they do occur. One British Columbia couple -- Darl Rivera Macalinta and PJ Macalinta -- had been trying for their first pregnancy and in the end their beautiful baby girl, Izzy, was delivered stillborn.  

Darl and PJ knew Izzy would not make it at 24 weeks when they went in for a routine check up to find out she had an "undetected heartbeat."

Although Darl and PJ knew Izzy would be delivered stillborn, on Facebook they write that still planned for the delivery as normal. "As if things would have been different."




Through Darl's and PJ's Facebook chronicles about their journey with baby Izzy they were able to have support from their followers and looked to this beautiful prayer in hopes of helping their grieving process. 

Our beautiful angel
born silent into this world.
It didn't matter,
the moment we saw you
it was pure joy.

All questions, all pain and fears,
flew away into the darkness of the night;
as I held you on my chest,
cherishing our time.

Half past midnight the priest came,
to bless and baptize you in Christ's name.
We may not know exactly when,
your heart stopped beating
to an end.

Our child know that
if love could have saved you,
you will live forever.
For now, God will carry you in his arms
as we carry you in our hearts
until we can hold you in heaven.

Thank you for showing me
how much your tatay (father) loves me,
how much our family and friends love us.
Thank you for showing us
the power of God's love.

I guess you were made
too beautiful for Earth.
You were born with wings,
you were meant to fly.
Your place is in heaven.

You may be stillborn
but you


If you or someone you know has gone through this painful process maybe send this poem to them. It helped one family. Maybe it can help another.




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