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Seeing your baby in the NICU on a normal day is hard in and of itself, but during the holidays when you're extra excited to get your baby home and show them off during the holidays can make it even harder. 

Here are five tips that might help you get through your baby being in the NICU this holiday season.

1. Celebrate in the NICU

It's probably not the most ideal, but when you have lemons make lemonade. There are of course certain regulations that NICUs have, so make sure you check with your doctor before you plan anything but you can sing Christmas carols to your baby in the NICU; read them Hanukkah books; have family members bring presents; etc. Have family members visit your baby and see if they can take turns visiting. Make it into a memorable and happy day. 

2. Decorate

Again, NICU's have regulations for how much you can add to your baby's incubator and everything so make sure you check with your doctor before you plan anything. But, have family members decorate ornaments and hang them off your baby's incubator. Make festive hats to give to your baby. You can also bring in a little Christmas tree, menorah, festive touch to add next to their area. 


3. Make Some Memories

You can host your own little holiday party with your little one even while they're in the NICU. Since there is a limit to how many people can visit in the NICU bring your computer or cellphone into the NICU to Skype or FaceTime with family and friends. You can all participate in singing Christmas carols, watching a movie, decorating ginger bread houses or whatever. Make it a memorable day, so you can have a positive outlook on your child's first holiday.



4. Include Siblings

Your other children are probably very confused about what is going on. Bring them into the NICU and show them their new baby brother/sister. When they've spent too much time there take them out for hot chocolate and try to help them understand what is going on.

5. Hold A Celebration For the Staff

Use the holiday season to realize what/who you're thankful for and show them that. Your NICU staff is dedicating time to save your children and to be away from their own. Any little thing to show them how thankful you are for them is something they will cherish forever. 


Also remember, you are not alone in this tumultuous time. Please do not hesitate to ask for help and support in these days. You are not alone.


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