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Providing kangaroo careto newborns and preemies is extremely important. Depending on your baby's condition you might not be able to hold them right away; however, even if your baby is very small they can be "kangaroo'd" and will benefit from it.


How To 

Watch how to provide kangaroo care too here.



Long-Term Effects

American Academy of Pediatrics published a study finding providing preemies and newborns with kangaroo care decreases behavioral problems. Findings showed children who received kangaroo care are less aggressive, impulsive, and hyperactive than children who did not receive kangaroo care on a regular basis or at all.

Also, the study showed children who received regular kangaroo care have more volume in the area of their brain that correlates to learning and memory.


Immediate Effects

Children who do receive kangaroo care immediately establish a strong connection with the mother, gain weight faster, and breathe better. 





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