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How do I keep my milk supply up?

Milk is made on a supply-and demand process: if your breast is empty, your body will fill it up. When you are only pumping (and not actually nursing), it takes particular commitment to pump on a rigid schedule to maintain lactation – but you can do it! Think how important this is for your baby to keep up your motivation. Pumping through the night is particularly difficult, and probably markes the beginning of a decreased supply for many women. When milk sits in the breast, the body perceives that it isn’t needed, so decreases production. The best way to maintain production is to keep those breasts empty! If you want to increase production, start pumping more often (not necessarily longer.) Every time you “demand” milk from your breast, but it isn’t there, your body will respond by making more. (It takes about 48 hours for you to see an increase.

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